In this Unofficial Music Video for XXYYXX, filmmaker Alexander Christenson pairs an epic journey with the band’s song DMT. In this tale, a warrior, played by actor Bertini Heumegni, washes up on the shore of a deserted island. Faced with the grim possibility of never leaving this isolated prison, the warrior gathers what supplies he can and plans a rather unconventional escape. In this film, all out of pocket via the filmmaker, Christenson shows a great reverence for the song while creating a truly unique music video all his own. He benefits from a skilled actor in Heumegni, who is able to transition from despair to determination without ever uttering a word. While the world around him is vast, Christenson only spends one or two shots on the vastness of the island. The majority comprises close-ups of the hunter and the fire he constructs by. The ending, equal parts ambiguous and hopeful, is certain to provoke some emotions in the viewer.
I was responsible in this video for zbrush modeling the pendant at 1:20. I also created the smoke and fire particle effects in C4D that are falling around the protagonist.
Director Of Photography
Michael Belcher

Alexander Christenson
Tucker Bliss
Production Designer
Serban Ionescu

Vfx Supervisor
Jake Nelson-Dooley

Flame Artist
Dan Bowhers

Executive Producer
Oliver HartmannLeo Krajden

Michael O’Grady

Bertini Heumegni

Costume Designer
Harmony Pilobello

Stunt Coordinator
Bob Cotter

Zbrush Models and Particle Smoke
Casey Reuter

Ishraque Nasmi

Executive Producer
Matthew James Thompson
1st Assistant Camera
Jackson Notier

Special Thanks
Biwa Studio

Production Assistant
Ryan Kroll

Special Thanks
Mike Ashley

Special Thanks
Hideaway House
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