We created this fully CG spot to visualize Bright House Networks expanded Wi-Fi, Echo.
Link to the Behind The Scenes: vimeo.com/oddny/echobts
Client: Bright House Networks
Director of Creative Production: Justin Glorieux
Creative Manager / Art Director: George Bobbio
Production Manager: Chad Ferguson
Production Company: ODD NY
Executive Producer(s): Tim Case / Charles Salice
Director / Creative Director: Gary Breslin
Head of Production: Matthew Turke
Producer: Bennett Lieber
Modeling: Casey Reuter
Particle Animation: Santos Shailesh
Lighting / Texture: Nate Homan
Compositor: Tamir Sapir
Music: Bix Sigurdsson
Mix: Seth Phillips @ SoundLounge
For this project I was brought in to build a photorealistic, lived in, aspirational, suburban house. We had a rough floor plan to work with and I was able to assemble what turned out to be a pretty believable set. I was responsible on this project for layout, previz, camera animation, timing, and modeling. I also modeled and laid out the overhead shot at the end of the spot, showcasing the neighborhood that our Bright House home occupied.
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