We four artists, Scott Denton, Ryan Kittleson, Casey Reuter, and Joe Grundfast, have revived this game using Zbrush, and we invite all you fellow zbrushers to join in the fun. First a head is done and the bottom of the neck is passed on to the next artist who sculpts a fantastical torso. Then the bottom edge of the torso is given to the third artist who sculpts some outrageous legs. Finally, a fourth person combines the parts and makes any adjustments or posing if needed.

A few simple ground-rules we found helpful: Each artist is limited to 3 hours. This is to prevent fussing over details or over-thinking it. There should be no planning before the 3 hours begins. We also try to keep the pose centered and symmetrical. At least, in the section that is passed on to the next artist so that it's easier for them to jump in and start sculpting. Additional posing can be done after the final assembly.

The game is getting ready to start...you want in?
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