Demo Reel of work I've done over the past 6 or 7 years now. This is temp until I go back through and add specifics.

00:00 Warrior - Modeled main Hero Buildings for the shanty town. Took a basic building tool Ben Jones created in Houdini and added a bunch of features to it to add wood slats, shingles, etc.
00:12 Ford Bronco: Raised by Goats - That's a real goat, I worked on modeling the cave the Bronco drives out of. Created a snow normals based snow shader to lay in a bunch of snow on the tops of rocks.
00:15 The Purge Miniseries Teaser: Created this creepy mask based on one of the masks a character from the series wears. Just did the model & shading on the mask, not the FX work.
00:21 Corteva: First Farmer - Tasked with making most of the clothing in this spot. I modeled it using Marvelous, then retopologized it in Maya.
00:36 Macy's: Space - 00:35.Modeled the space station exterior.  00:36.Set extension on the interior to cover holes where the cables holding our astronaut came through as well as making the floating boxes. 00:39.Modeled the exterior of space staton, modeled and shaded the capsule pod.
00:40 84 Lumber: Mars - Modeled the astronaut, modeled the space station section they clip to.
00:33 Netflix: Earth is On - Extensive Blendshape set for the aliens to allow them to emote. Tried to stick to FACS system, but since they aren't human I had to improvise a bit to make up for their lack of nose/odd anatomy in the face.
1:00 Unbanned Title Sequence - Modeled/Texture/Lookdev Security camera, cement barriers, prison watchtowers, stone basketball hoop
1:11 Game of Thrones: Teaser - Modeled, Animated, Shaded. Modeled the Dragons, Lion, Tentacles, and Wolf. Made adjustments to Stag.
1:30 Riot Games: Kleg Announcement - Modeled many of the armor pieces. Armguards, chest plates, shoulderpads (And Kleg's weapon which isn't shown here)
1:34 Paramount+ : Superbowl Paramount Mountain Ads - Used NASA DEM Earth data to construct mountain assets. Used Houdini to assemble them. Houdini to create the Ice Canyon and basic bridge using height maps and volumes which I was then able to bring into Zbrush for finishing. This let us make adjustments on the fly and iterate to try different things until we found the style of cliffs that worked.
1:38 Nike: Photosynthesis - Modeled/UV'd all but the sole, laces, and stringy side bits. Created petals from the shoe once I had it modeled.
1:46 Avengers: Age of Ultron End Credits - Modeled Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Vision's head and Ultron as well as the model for all of Ultron's bots. Rigged provided movie meshes to get them into pose.

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