I worked as one of two sculptors and very talented team of cg artists at Perception NYC who brought this statue to life at the end of the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Myself and Joe Grundfast were tasked with assembling a statue of the movie's Heroes. I was responsible for Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, Ultron, and the model used for the plethora of Sub-Ultrons the Heroes are fighting against.
To accomplish this we were given various unrigged models for each of the heroes (and villain). 
I used Advanced Skeleton 4 to add a simple rig to many of the characters to quickly experiment with poses. Once our poses were set we went through a process of combining the sometimes thousand plus part models into solid masses so that they would appear to be carved out of a single piece of marble. Once this step was complete we went back through the model and added in details to the combined pieces and sculpted from scratch any pieces that normally would have been created dynamically.
This project was challenging, but I think that our team at Perception knocked it out of the park.
For a more detailed view on the process of creating the credit sequence click through to visit Perception's thorough case study on the project!

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